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As per Cambridge English Dictionary 'marketplace' means a small outside area in a town where there is a market (where traders come to sell their products and produce) OR marketplace is an ecosystem where a set of trading conditions or the business environment is created to allow sellers and buyers meet and complete transactions.

An example of physical marketplace is famous Greenwich Market, very close to our administrative office in London, where many creative businesses including fashion shops are successfully doing business.

According to Wikipedia, "An online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator."

FatakaFashions.com is an Online Shop or Mall or Marketplace for Designer Fashion products, where you will find the best of curated designer fashion products. We have created an ecosystem or a platform where fashion designers and brands list their collections and products to sell them online so that buyers can find the fashion goods and buy them.FatakaFashions.com allows the independent fashion designers and brands to create their online shop to offer their designer collections including bespoke fashion. FatakaFashions.com helps niche fashion brands to reach global markets by creating a level playing field.

Online Shop ToBuy Designer Clothing, Jewellery, Shoes, Handbags & Fashion Accessories.

Fataka Fashions offers huge selection of designer fashion clothing and accessories for men and women. Find designer bags, fashion jewellery, exclusive and luxury handbags and shoes. Browse and Shop the latest designs & brands on online marketplace. Most sellers on FatakaFashions.com offer Free Delivery on Orders Over £30.

Fashion Lovers, Buy Designer Fashion from Top Global Brands & Designers.

FatakaFashions.com has thousands of designer products to browse and choose from. Find the style and design which you love from the comfort of your home or through Wings4Fashion mobile app on your phone on the go. On FatakaFashions.com, you can login using your Google or Facebook account and pay flexibly through PayPal, Amazon Pay and will be able to use Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay soon.

Gift Freedom of Choice to Your Loved Ones! Use Gift Cards for Designer Fashion

Every time you wish to find a gift your loved ones, it becomes a challenge to find something that will be liked and appreciated. Now, you have a choice to offer freedom of choice by gifting a Gift Card available on FatakaFashions.com which you can buy online and send in an email or print and gift as a hard copy. The recipient can then use the Gift Card to by designer item(s) from FatakaFashions.com. Please visit Gift Cards page for more information.

If you are a fashion designer or a fashion business looking for help with selling online, you are at the right place. Please continue reading below to find out how FatakaFashions.com can help you reach global fashion lovers.

Advantages of Selling on Fataka Fashions' Marketplace

FatakaFashions.com offers complete flexibility to the fashion designers and fashion brands on deciding what they sell, at what price they sell and how they deliver best possible experience to the visitors and buyers. Our fashion marketplace does not charge any listing fees when you list your products. We only charge a fixed commission, of only 10% currently, when we receive the orders for your products. Sellers can offer bespoke design and made to measure services or additional options on FatakaFashions.com. Sellers can keep their inventory with themselves and can take care of deliveries themselves.

We have created a very flexible ecosystem where we are offering a platform for fashion sellers and buyers.

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Fashion Designers, Sell Fashion Globally.

Fashion Designers can easily list and upload their designer goodsand also include details of delivery and shipping times and process for returns and refund. Independent fashion designers and labels can also offer discount and special offers on their products.